Our Warehousing Operations courses provide a range of immediately applicable practical skills to the employees of Transport and Logistic industry. These courses can be very broad or specific as required.  They may provide basic or advanced, and general or very specific skills depending on the nature and levels of qualification chosen.

If you have new employees in your organisation with little exposure to the Warehousing, Transport and Logistic   industry then enrolling them into the Certificate II or III in Warehousing Operations would be a good way to start. For employees who work independently or under limited supervision Certificate IV in Warehousing Operations would be appropriate.

Our courses in Warehousing Operations cover varying depths of skills and knowledge from following workplace health and safety procedures to consolidating freight. All warehousing courses cover the basics such as occupation health and safety, workplace documentation, manual handling of goods, accident and emergency procedures and customer service skills and knowledge.

Graduates may pursue their career in a range of Warehousing and Storage Industry establishments.


Courses Available: