Commitment to Privacy

Training Specialists Australia  is committed to the maintenance of the privacy and confidentiality for all students. Training Specialists Australia  has an undiverted focus on the integration of the Privacy Act 1988 in all processes that encompass all stakeholders.


Privacy Act 1988

The objectives of the Privacy Act 1988 have been integrated in the governance of the overall organisational processes and there is a shared commitment to:

  • Protecting the privacy of individuals
  • Ensuring that Training Specialists Australia  can operate while protecting the privacy of individuals
  • Being consistent in the method and means of handling personal information
  • Being transparent in the responsibilities of handling personal information
  • Having an effective credit reporting system while ensuring the privacy of individuals
  • Allowing the flow of information across national borders while ensuring the privacy of individuals is respected
  • Setting an organisational system that provides the means for an individual to complain about an alleged interference with their privacy
  • Implementing Australia’s international obligation in relation to privacy



Training Specialists Australia  has made a conscious effort to integrate the Australian Privacy Principles into the general operations of the organisation, and involves these principles into implementation of ‘Standard Three, The RTO issues, maintains and accepts AQF certification documentation in accordance with these Standards and provides access to learner records‘.


Australian Privacy Principles

  • Consideration of personal information privacy
  • Collection of personal information
  • Dealing with personal information
  • Integrity of personal information
  • Access to, and correction of, personal information